Annie Descôteaux

Originally hailing from Quebec City, Annie Descôteaux has a BFA in Studio Art from Concordia University. Her work mainly explores simple forms arranged so as to let the viewer take an entertaining look at objects in our everyday environment and our way of interacting with them.

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 Annie Descôteaux’s artistic language is above all figurative and explicit, constantly moving further towards abstraction, where she creates her own refuge and intellectual safeguard against the sophisms, dogmas, and hyper-codification of beings and situations. However, certain everyday objects, selected for their particular qualities and metaphorical significance, still continue punctuate her works. The sparsity of each piece allows the viewer to take a step back and silently reflect, encouraged to construct their own corresponding and personal mental scenario.

Descôteaux revisits particular aspects of past artistic movements such as minimalism, modernism, and abstract expressionism, interpreted in her own way to bring to light conflicts, omissions, and in particular, overlooked women in art history. She constructs her works similarly to riddles, each a commentary on and active examination of how the world works (or doesn’t).

Annie Descôteaux’s works were recently on display at Galerie B-312 in spring 2016 and at L’Œil de poisson in 2015. She has also taken part in a number of exhibitions in recent years in Quebec, France, Belgium, and the United States. 

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