BGL / Amélie Proulx


BGL – Panorama d’un cycle pop 2

After a memorable stint at Galerie 3 in 2018, the flabbergasting trio from the City of Québec is back with sculptures galore, reminding us that appearances are sometimes misleading…

Panorama d’un cycle pop 2 revisits our pop culture symbols to offer a cobbled together version as surprising as it is as astute. Designed from replicas of bronze popsicle sticks, dancers, musicians, stereos, rakes and many others unfold in space like so many playful and colourful figures sometimes defying the limits of the possible. While evoking the wooden objects that characterized the beginnings of the collective, these new pieces refine the artists’ material and conceptual play who, at the same time, continue their reflection on our relationship to consumption with all the candour and humour that we know them for.

Poetry and aesthetic pleasures await, for the joy of young and old!

Amélie Proulx – Les herbes de passage

Amélie Proulx seeks to translate into her work the invisible manifestations of the natural world. Combining new technologies with manual work, her porcelain sculptures evoke the cycles of transformation of matter as well as a perpetual shift of meaning in the language and perception of these phenomena.

Through whimsical animal sketches, the exhibition Les herbes de passage poetically deals with biomimicry and zoochory. Bats, owls and small rodents commingle with familiar plants and objects to form large murals highlighting the amazing power of living beings on our natural environments. Birds and architectural ornaments create an elegant tapestry in a bas-relief whose apparent orderly composition hints at an ambiguous narrative. A nest, made from unusual materials, highlights the remarkable adaptability of beings that coexist discreetly in our environment. Testifying more than ever of the artist’s great technical virtuosity, this corpus denotes a sensualist relationship to the material in addition to marking Proulx’s deep sensitivity to the living.