Collectif du printemps-2020

MAI 6  TO  JUIN 15 2020

We are feeling almost feverish about welcoming you back to our gallery. We have greatly missed your presence and are looking forward to discuss your recent experiences.

How did you live through this lock down, how are you still experiencing it, and what is the place of art for you in this context?

Our hanging of works was thought if in two folds, and to launch a conversation, your visit will begin in our main room where we have created a dialogue between works that evoke loneliness, loss, change and nostalgia. They in a way the mirror of our collective daily life, and despite the intense and serious emotional burden that emanates from these pieces, the artists have been able to infuse them with enough poetry to leave them with a saving lightness.

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As for our second room, it will transport you into a much more playful universe, almost in contrast to the main room. The corpus, built around a never-before exhibited piece by the BGL trio, depicts escape, reverie and the imaginary.

Visiting the two rooms will give you a complete overview of the Gallery 3’s artists and, we hope, feed your reflection on this unprecedented crisis.

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