Daniel Barrow / Laurent Craste


Daniel Barrow – At First I Thought It Was A Mannequin
Adopting the shape of drawn, sculpted and animated sketches, the works composing the exhibition At First I Thought It Was A Mannequin highlight Daniel Barrow’s exceptional storytelling qualities. His intimists tales feature characters as strange as they are fascinating set in complex and anxious universes where poetry, the grotesque and the pathos intertwine. With all the sensitivity and virtuosity he possesses, the artist deals subversively with the dualities inherent to the human being. He brings them to light without censorship or taboos.

Laurent Craste – Châtiment
For his first solo exhibition in the City of Québec, ceramist and sculptor Laurent Craste presents recent works from his research on the sociopolitical status of art collectibles. In Châtiment, he submits archetypes of classical western ceramics, commonly associated with economic and political elites, to new physical or iconographic interventions. Thus, the precious porcelain vases are presented sometimes as strange and surreal victims of mysterious riots, or in solemn supports of disturbing images, scenes of popular uprisings or instruments of punishment. Likewise, we can find Laurent Craste’s singular tragicomic style in his works.

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