Julien Boily

Inspired by the works of the European master painters, Julien Boily plays ironically with still lifes of forms representing modern merchandise, using a technique—painting—that itself has stood the test of time. Through painting, screen printing, and sculpture, his production offers a piercing and meticulous examination of planned obsolescence.

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 Referencing the history of painting and the worlds of entertainment and new digital technologies, Julien Boily’s recent compositions use allegory and representations of the various materials that make up our everyday lives (plastics, particle board, chrome surfaces, electrical components) to produce a commentary on human production in general. The nostalgic nature of his paintings confronts us with our own relationship to such objects and the memories they evoke.

Hailing from Saint-Gédéon in Lac-Saint-Jean, Julien Boily lives and works in Saguenay. Julien earned an interdisciplinary BFA from the Université du Québec à Chicoutimi before beginning his artistic practice of collective and solo work. Since 2005, he has presented nearly a dozen solo exhibitions and participated in a number of art events, group exhibitions, and contemporary art fairs in Canada, France, Greece, and Sweden.

His work is included in a number of public and private collections such as:

Desjardins Collection                                              Montreal City

The university of Québec at Chicoutim                  Canopée Média 

Private collections in Canada, U.S and Europe.

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