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Dear Friends, Artists and Collectors,
Since the announcement of the measures of social distancing and the closure of all business in March, our lives have been turned upside down, to say the least. The same goes for the art world. We’re not revealing a great secret when we tell you that artists must often do with very little even when things are going well. So, imagine in this time of crisis. Nevertheless, art seems to be indispensable. It is a window open on freedom for ever renewed, a breath of fresh air in our confinement. It is now more than ever time to support your favourite artists. Even if the act of buying art may seem incongruous or even flippant, while many people live with financial uncertainty, it appears here as a gesture of trust or even resistance.
To adopt an artwork is not futile or superficial. It demands thought, openness, involvement and trust. In these difficult times, an artwork will certainly be infused with a particular meaning. It will stand as small victory over reality. We incite you to be bold, to trust yourselves, to put your trust in art and in artists.


Graeme Patterson wins Sobey’s Award

We are very proud to announce that Graeme is one of the laureates of the Sobey’s award for the arts for 2020. Did you know that it is the seventh time that he holds a spot in this prestigious list? His artworks are of an exceptional quality that never cesses to amaze us, set him in a class of his own.



We have just put online a page grouping a selection of high-quality artworks at affordable prices. We invite you to browse the new DISCOVERIES section.



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