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Paryse Martin receives the Videre Recognition Award in visual arts

Galerie 3 is proud to announce that Paryse Martin is the 2020 recipient of the prestigious Videre Recognition Award in visual arts! This award recognizes the exceptional career of this artist who for more than 35 years has left an indelible mark on the visual arts community of the City of Quebec.
Dear Paryse,

What defines a great artist is not only her production, but a million little things that take a life to discover and make bloom. Great gardener of the extraordinary, you have this gift of splitting us in half, and furthermore, lengthwise.
We are so proud of you, of all that you accomplish daily, your tender gestures, your precious attention, your rigorous listening and your generous wisdom.
Working with you is a happiness that is constantly renewed and rarely equalled. Your boundless creativity, your constant work, your great sensitivity and your keen sense of madness make you an indispensable friend and an accomplished artist.
All these incomparable things are the essence of your works and make them treasure maps, promises of adventures and daydreaming. Great magician of the visual, you are for many artists an inspiration, a mentor. You pave the way, again and again, relentlessly and with glee. Standing upright like a lighthouse.
Thank you Paryse, we love your work and the woman that you are.
From your friends (gallerists) of the Galerie 3

Graeme Patterson wins Sobey’s Award

We are very proud to announce that Graeme is one of the laureates of the Sobey’s award for the arts for 2020. Did you know that it is the seventh time that he holds a spot in this prestigious list? His artworks are of an exceptional quality that never cesses to amaze us, set him in a class of his own.



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