Tim Moore

Tim Moore’s work immerses us in a troubled world filled with imagery of Métis identity, intersecting with the expression of masculinity and the world of horse  racing—a status symbol for the elite during Canada’s colonial period. Motifs of pedigree, colour, origin, and worn insignia appear throughout. Grotesque jockeys, memorabilia, horses, cars, and games of Cowboys and Indians make up an original swarm of imagery inspired by Canadian history and Aboriginal realities, portrayed with insight, humour, and irony.

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 These realities are explored through Moore’s unique lens, as he translates the ideas of construction and fragmentation that underlie identity issues into an artistic object.  epoxy resin, paper, metal, and plastics that give form to unique and vibrant characters. Recovered bones, feathers, tubes, and old electrical equipment are also reconfigured to create hybrid forms that disrupt the established order. 

Tim Moore studied art at Okanagan University College in Penticton, British Columbia before returning to Prince Albert in 2000, where he worked under the mentorship of painter Myles J. McDonald, and then artists Michel Boutin (2004) and Terrance Houle (2009). Tim Moore was selected to be a part of The Painting Project presented by the Galerie de l’UQAM in 2013. His work has been exhibited in Saskatchewan, Ottawa, and the Prairies as part of solo and collective exhibitions. A Day at the Races / Jour de course which was exhibited at Galerie 3 in October 2016 was his first solo exhibition in Quebec. Tim Moore’s works are part of the permanent collections of the Dunlop Art Gallery in Regina, Mann Art Gallery in Prince Albert and the Indigenous Art Centre in Gatineau.

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