Starting an art collection


Starting an art collection is not a trivial undertaking. It requires a lot of thought, confidence, time and daring. At the gallery, the team members clearly remember their first purchases. A mixture of happiness, excitement and questions: Are we making the right choice? Will we have enough money? Will we love the work for a long time? Even though we were novices, we wanted to make the right decision and have an exciting and positive experience.

We went back into our memories to select pieces with which we would have liked to start our collections. It is therefore with great pleasure that we have rediscovered this exhilarating feeling by grouping together works for you under this promising theme.

This exhibition will be an opportunity to share our thoughts, our progress and our favourites, in short to relive together the joy of a first acquisition. To prepare for your visit, we invite you to read this little in-house guide that we have created and in which you will find advice on how to prepare your future acquisitions.

We look forward to talking with you!

Norbert, Abdelilah and Audrey