Dopamine opéra – Doyon-Rivest

APRIL 6 TO MAY 6 2018 

Doyon-Rivest is returning to Galerie 3 for a second exhibition featuring a new body of photographic and sculptural work.

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 Dopamine opéra highlights the grotesque, dramatic side of the virtual society to which we all contribute. In the age of shared outrage and commentary, the real is dramatized through media and public opinion. The continuous flow of information that fuels our daily lives gives rise to social reactions as varied as they are excessive. Our perception of the world is consequently altered, our bias stemming from algorithms that sort and select “personalized” information for us. This exhibition reflects the collective’s current concerns regarding the impact of our virtual interactions, especially their repercussions in the real world. The new conceptual works maintain their humour and irony while taking on a more serious tone, confronting us with dark yet accurate metaphorical images of our world and behaviours.

The Doyon-Rivest collective’s artistic practice cannot be defined by a particular medium or technique, but rather by the vision and ideas that form the basis for the organic, eclectic creation of their works. Doyon-Rivest’s art has always found a way to cultivate poetry in the barren ground of business and corporatism.

Communication is a pillar of the system in which we live. It shapes our identity. In addition, the channels of communication and the way we use them are constantly evolving.  In this context, our duo creates artworks which raise questions by mixing up established codes and shaking up semantic fields. We generate empty spaces and short circuits out of which beauty and poetry emerge.

— Doyon-Rivest


Mathieu Doyon and Simon Rivest founded the Doyon-Rivest artist collective in Quebec City in 2000. Their works have been displayed in many solo and group exhibitions in Canada and abroad. They also created public artworks across the Quebec Province. Their works can be found in the permanent and the Prêt d’œuvres d’art collections of the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec and BMO Financial Group as well as in a number of corporate and private collections. The duo lives and works in Montreal.


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