Une exposition NORMALE Cooke-Sasseville


After a busy period in public art marked by creative meetings and growing public recognition, Cooke-Sasseville will be launching new work for a new year at Galerie 3. This year the duo will focus on a more personal practice, somewhat familiar to anyone who has seen their outdoor creations, but more audacious and even raw than their previous work.

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 The exhibit, entitled Une exposition NORMALE, includes five skilfully off-kilter sculptural works in antinomies whose connections create new relationships of meaning while their large, contrasting dimensions give the illusion of pushing back the very walls of the gallery. Alluring, nearly-animate creatures are posed, questioning, on cylindrical pedestals. Following their initially amusing effect, the objects cast a certain doubt; their reading becomes less clear and makes room for mind games.

No matter their scale, Cooke-Sasseville’s works of intentional paradox consistently confront the viewer with ambivalent situations where comfort intertwines with unease, social criticism is imparted through fun, and a playful outlook and overt recklessness reveal reflection of exceptional insight.

This will be Cook-Sasseville’s first exhibition in Quebec City since 2011, and their first solo exhibition since 2014.

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