Large Formats


For nearly seven years at the gallery, we have been offering a variety of group exhibitions that resonate with the body of work of the exhibiting artist or highlight the strong links that unite our artists’ practices. As a team, we take great pleasure in curating these exhibitions, which each time lead us to revisit their respective work. We asked ourselves how we could renew our approach to better surprise you. And so, in a spirit of madness and daring, we dare to present you for the first time an exhibition entirely composed of large formats!

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Imposing, striking, immersive, the works chosen differentiate themselves by their scale as much as by their purpose. They address themes related to overconsumption, capital, catastrophe and the environment, offering both critically and enlightening reflections on our world. The exhibition is a powerful and poetic experience that takes visitors out of their everyday comfort.

With works by Thierry Arcand-Bossé, Annie Baillargeon, BGL, Julien Boily, Martin Bureau, Paryse Martin, Jean-Pierre Morin, Andrea Mortson and Mathieu Valade.

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Press :
L’Aérospatial – CKRL 89,1 – Élisabeth Girard Dionne : Grands formats à la Galerie 3