Two exhibitions to start 2022


Thierry Arcand-Bossé, Julien Boily, Dan Brault, Lindsay Montgomery

First of all, we are offering you an all painting exhibition that will allow you to discover, among others, the most recent creations by Thierry Arcand-Bossé. The result of meticulous research, the artist’s works will captivate and mystify art lovers. Fascinated by landscapes full of archetypes translating an idealized nature, Arcand-Bossé continues his exploration of the relationship between the digital and pictorial image. Through rigorous technical work, he succeeds in creating sensitive atmospheres that forcefully reveal the seductive power and unequalled intensity of painting.

This body of work is complemented by new works by Julien Boily, Dan Brault and Lindsay Montgomery, who in turn offer us a fertile dialogue between classical painting, popular culture and digital technologies, a clever combination of baroque and formalist components as well as a feminist reflection on the aging body.

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Clara Cousineau, Anne-Marie Groulx, Samuel St-Aubin

A second exhibition invites you to encounter the practices of three artists from the Artroduction project. Each in their own way, Clara Cousineau, Anne-Marie Groulx and Samuel St-Aubin propose playful, poetic and ingenious works that offer us a renewed look at our everyday world.

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Thierry Arcand-Bossé, Koerbersee, Oil on canvas, 127,6 x 85,1 cm